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Contra Dancing in Anchorage, Alaska
Dancing Bears Events Calendar

2020 Dance Schedule -- Anchorage
Dances begin at 7:30 Friday unless other wise noted.  Most 2nd and 4th Fridays.
Most dances are at Wendler Middle School, 2905 Lake Otis Parkway
The Location link takes you to Google maps to our venue locations.

DATE              LOCATION            BAND                    CALLER                                       

Plus take a look at the Palmer Dances in the box below.

​In March 2020, Dancing Bears events, dances, and Dance Camp were cancelled due to concern of the spread of Coronavirus.  We look forward to seeing you in September 2022 for a new season of contra dance fun.

Watch this website and the Dancing Bears Community Facebook page for further information about dance schedule when it becomes available.

Please Bring clean dry shoes to dance in. Help us keep our dance floors free of wet dirt and slush. Thanks!

This is how we take care of each other and our community now and always-

Please choose to stay home if you are sick

If you have to cough or sneeze, cover with your elbow or shirt
(better yet leave the room/cough/then wash)

Washing hands– Sing a little song while you work the soap all over your hands 
to ensure you wash for at least 20 seconds.

Hot water and mechanical action with soap is what will carry away the germs.

Don’t touch your face-This can take self-awareness and practice.

We have Antibacterial products around. They work best on Clean hands.

Sing Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Row Row Row your Boat.

Songs work equally well for Coronavirus, Influenze A, B and the Common Cold.

COVID-19. March 2020. Life changed. The Dancing Bears quickly realized the danger of this threat to our core activities and were forced to cancel planned events such as contra dances and the annual Memorial Day weekend dance camp. We understand the virus danger is still with us. We are cautiously making plans to return to in-person contra dancing events in September 2022. Much of the content of this website has been left intact but portrays the way things were to us as of March 2020.


Gather to see friends and meet new people.
Calling by Jessica Winn
Live Music by Red Cap and the Cyser Boys (Richardson Family Band)

Moose Lodge Pavilion-4211 Arctic 

The Pavilion (behind the Lodge) is surrounded by park space.  Rain is not a worry. A Pavilion means a Roof! There is plenty of room to socialize and dance on the concrete floor. Shoes that slip will be more comfortable than rubber sole shoes. 

Saturday Sept 10., from 7:30 until ?

Show up early to reconnect and welcome new dancers.

No Covid protocols. Please monitor yourself and protect your friends.

The Moose Lodge has handwashing in the bathroom and we will provide an antibacterial pump. 

Anyone who chooses to wear a mask will be warmly supported in their choice. 

Please reach out to us at [email protected] . We value your input and creative ideas and have several specific projects and jobs we need help with. We are currently a Board of three, looking to grow. 

At The NAVE. 3502 Spenard Road.  We Hope to make this our new primary venue.
Events start at 7:30 unless stated otherwise.

Sept.24, Saturday at the NAVE in Spenard 
  Caller: Rich Kleinleder. Band: Boreal Notes

October 9 Sunday at the Nave
Caller: Jess Winn.  Band: Jake Legs

October 29 Saturday at the Nave, HALLOWEEN DANCE!
Caller: Christin Swearingen. Band TBA

November 5, Saturday at the Nave
Caller: Brian DeMarcus. Band: Birg & Borg

November 19, Saturday at the Nave
Caller: Jess Winn.  Band: Fat Weasel

ALSO! November 6, 2;30 PM. Sunday afternoon. Prime the Pump-Emerging Callers practice session at Debbie Addie's home. DJ music. Live volunteer dancers welcome! Watch for further announcements regarding this event.