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Contra Dancing in Anchorage, Alaska
Good Policies Promote Harmony
Need for adult supervision of children

The Dancing Bear Board is aware of the need to assure supervision of all
attendees at our dances. According to most venue use permits, the permit holder (the
Dancing Bears) is responsible for any damage and costs incurred while using the facility.
To inform our dance participants and adhere to our venue permits, a supervision policy is
instituted to insure underage attendees (anyone under 18) are supervised at Dancing Bear
events. This policy is:

Underage Attendees Policy:

The Dancing Bears’ intention is to foster an affordable family friendly community and provide a safe venue for dancing and live music. No child care is provided. Child supervision is the supervising adult’s responsibility at all Dancing Bear’s events.

Underage children must stay in the dance room and may not roam the halls, bathrooms,
classrooms or the parking lot unsupervised. The Dancing Bears, as permit holder or
event sponsor, is ultimately responsible for any damage, injuries, or pranks caused by
anyone attending a dance. 

The Dancing Bears welcome children who want to participate and learn to dance. Children should always dance with an accompanying responsible adult. For the safety of all dancers, children should not be on the dance floor during a dance, unless they are dancing, or carried, by an accompanying responsible adult.

Therefore, any liability related to underage children attending Dancing Bears’
events is born by the responsible adult in charge of the underage attendees. No
underage attendee will be allowed to attend a Dancing Bear event without an
accompanying responsible adult.
 Supervision Policy -- It is to ensure the supervision of underage attendees at Dancing Bear events. 
                                   (please scroll page to Listserver and Publications policies)

Publications Policy --This policy is a guide to what is appropriate to include in Dancing Bears' electronic and printed publications. 

Listserver Policy -- The purpose of the listserver is to serve DB members in the promotion of dance and music. These guidelines are intended to encourage appropriate targeting of messages and support good listserver etiquette. 

The following Policies have been established relating to supervision of children at dances, content and etiquette on the listserver, and appropriate content of Dancing Bears printed and electronic publications.

Dancing Bears Listserver -- Guidelines for posting messages

The purpose of the Listserv is to serve DB members in the promotion of dance and
music. These guidelines are intended to encourage appropriate targeting of messages
and support good Listserv etiquette.

Message Content
· Remember that a message posted to the DB Listserv will be delivered to all
current listserv participants; be sure that the content and wording of your message
is appropriately targeted to the DB Listserv group.

· Messages should be non-commercial and non-political.

· Any item that is not a DB event must have the initials “NDBE” (non-Dancing
Bears’ event) in the subject line. The first line in the text message should be
“This is a non-Dancing Bears event”.

· Messages must not have any attachments, in order to reduce the likelihood of
virus transmission.
Non Dancing Bears Events (NDBE)

· For reminders about non-DB events happening regularly around town, the events
should be announced only once per month.

· If the event conflicts in time with a Dancing Bears event, the first line of the text
message should be, “This event conflicts with a Dancing Bear event”.

Frequency of Posting Messages.

· Information about DB events may be posted multiple times.

· For one-of events, the announcement on Listserv should appear only once.

· For reminders about non-DB events happening regularly around town, the events
should be announced only once per month.

How To’s

· The text of your message should remind readers NOT to use the “reply” function
to respond to your message. If they do, all current listserv participants also will
receive their message. Bombardment by correspondence between individuals can
be annoying to the other Listserv participants.

· If you expect replies regarding the content of your message, specify how readers
should respond and include your personal e-mail, telephone or mailing address so
that people can contact you directly.

· Specify the topic in the subject line. For example “Tango Lessons” or “West
Coast Swing NDBE” is better than “Dance Lessons”. This allows listserv
recipients to filter out messages in which they are not interested.
Dancing Bears’ Advertisement and Publication Policy

Purpose: This policy is to guide the Dancing Bears’ webmaster, listserv host, newsletter
editor and membership as to what is appropriate to include in Dancing Bears’
electronic and printed publications in accordance with our mission, by-laws
and tax exempt status.

Overview: The Dancing Bears’ stated mission is to:
1. Promote and support traditional music and dance.
2. Promote and support related artistic, cultural, and educational activities.
3. Foster a greater sense of community by encouraging community
involvement in cultural and educational activities.

To facilitate a unified view of what is acceptable for inclusion in all electronic
and written Dancing Bears publications the following guidelines are approved
by the Board of directors. For clarification or exceptions contact the Board

A. Appropriate articles or advertisements include:
1. All Dancing Bears sponsored events and general interest music and dance
information and articles.
2. Other Alaska traditional dance and music group’s information and
calendars. (NDBE in listserv nomenclature)
3. Goings on in the greater traditional dance community outside of Alaska.
(Usually done with links on the webpage.)

B. Inappropriate articles or advertisements include:
1. Any information, advertisement or article that is political, environmental
or religious in nature or attacks a person or group.
2. Advertising for lessons or services for personal profit.
3. Want ads or classified ads EXCEPT those pertaining to musician or
dancer needs such as instruments, equipment, shoes, clothing, etc. for sale
or swap.

C. Follow existing established Listserv protocol:
1. NDBE label for non-Dancing Bears event.
2. Once a month limit for use of listserv for ongoing non-Dancing Bears
3. One time promotion for any one non-Dancing Bear event.
4. Dancing Bear listserv moderator will monitor for listserv misuse and
inform the sender in any posting where there is a concern. If this does not
ameliorate the situation, the Moderator may choose to monitor and preapprove
all future messages from that sender prior to posting, or if
necessary, ban him/her from the listserv.

D. All additions/changes to the Dancing Bears webpage layout needs Board approval.
Periodic updating of dance schedule, newsletter, board meeting minutes,
dance camp information, pictures, etc. are submitted by appropriate Dancing
Bear volunteers and implemented by the webbear.
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